Offstage cosplay

  1. General Information:
    1. By submitting the application for Non-competitive participation the participant expresses the consent with all rules stated below.
    2. Applications can be submitted until 1 August 2021 (inclusive).
    3. All festival participants have free entrance.
    4. The Festival will take place at PLATFORMA art space (Kyiv, Belomorska st., 1, near the Lisova metro station).
    5. Administrators have the right to reject the application without giving any explanations.
    6. The person that submitted the application becomes its coordinator automatically. To receive the tickets for participants mentioned in the application, a coordinator must have the copies of all their identity documents (ID, driver license, student ID etc.). The tickets are all provided to coordinator once and never in several parts.
      Names of the participants submitted in the application will be verified according to the provided identity documents (or their copies). In case of discrepancy, the participant will not be allowed to the Festival.
    7. It is prohibited to promote violence, suicide, alcohol and drugs usage and any other propagation that conflicts with Ukrainian law.
    8. It is prohibited to bring to the Festival any cutting, stabbing and threatening the human life and health items. The exception is fake, souvenir or toy (children’s) weapon permitted by the Ukrainian law.
  2. Participation in the Offstage show:
    1. A participant can submit an offstage performance application if he/she does not participate in any category of the cosplay contest program.
    2. Participants of the Offstage show do not perform on the main stage.
    3. For the selection of your application you must provide:
      1. Image of the source that will demonstrate character’s full costume, including the craft items. For original character, the presence of a source image is not required.
      2. Your photo in ready-made costumes (must be 100% ready). In the photographs, not only the suit / craft / wig must be seen, but also participants themselves. Photos with an open face in full growth, facet, profile and rear view are needed.
    4. Offstage cosplay that were selected is free of charge.
    5. Applications that were not qualified to the Cosplay Show have an opportunity to participate in Offstage Cosplay Show.
    6. Participant has a right to submit several applications for offstage cosplay (separate application for each character).
    7. Participant can attend the festival only in a costume that was accredited by the coordinator (i.e. «Accepted» status of the application).