Nomination «Cosplay-Defile»

  1. General Information:
    1. By submitting the application for «Cosplay Show» the participant expresses the consent with all rules stated below.
    2. Applications can be submitted until 1 August 2021 (inclusive) for the following categories: «Single Cosplay», «Pair Cosplay», «Group Cosplay».
    3. The Festival will be held for two days — 4 and 5 of September. In application, a preferable day for the performance can be specified. If there is an important reason to perform on a particular day, you must specify it in the comments field when completing the application.
    4. All festival participants and their assistants have free entrance.
    5. The Festival will take place at PLATFORMA art space (Kyiv, Belomorska st., 1, near the Lisova metro station).
    6. A prize fund of the «Cosplay Show» is 70.000 UAH! The fund is divided as follows:
      Single Cosplay:
      1st — place (5.000 UAH)
      2nd — place (3.000 UAH)
      3rd — place (2.000 UAH)
      Pair Cosplay:
      1st — place (8.000 UAH)
      2nd — place (4.000 UAH)
      3rd — place (3.000 UAH)
      Group Cosplay:
      1st — place (12.000 UAH)
      2nd — place (8.000 UAH)
      3rd — place (5.000 UAH)
      Grand Prix CCU 2021 «Cosplay Show» (20.000 UAH)
    7. The winners are announced at the award ceremony that will be held on 5 of September (on Sunday), and at least 1 member of each team that participated in the show must be present. At the ceremony, the participants must be fully or partly dressed in performance costumes for better recognition.
    8. If any participant who has been selected for the competition cannot participate in the show, it is required to inform the administrators of the Cosplay Show.
    9. Administrators have the right to reject the application without giving any explanations.
    10. An assistant in the application can be rejected without giving any explanations.
    11. Special effects can be used only with agreement of Cosplay & Cover Dance Show organisers. Before specifying any special effects of decorations In the application, it is required to consider how they will be removed from the scene immediately after the performance.
    12. It is not allowed to use the same costume in two or more competitions of the festival.
    13. One cosplayer cannot participate in more than two Cosplay Show applications.
    14. The person that submitted the application becomes its coordinator automatically. To receive the tickets for participants mentioned in the application, a coordinator must have the copies of all their identity documents (ID, driver license, student ID etc.). The tickets are all provided to coordinator once and never in several parts.
      Names of the participants submitted in the application will be verified according to the provided identity documents (or their copies). In case of discrepancy, the participant will not be allowed to the Festival.
    15. It is prohibited to promote violence, suicide, alcohol and drugs usage and any other propagation that conflicts with Ukrainian law.
    16. It is prohibited to bring to the Festival any cutting, stabbing and threatening the human life and health items. The exception is fake, souvenir or toy (children’s) weapon permitted by the Ukrainian law.
    17. Applications that were not qualified to the Cosplay Show have an opportunity to participate in Offstage Cosplay Show.
  2. Grand Prix:
    1. Any performance of the Сosplay Show can be noted as the best, and get the Grand Prix.
    2. The Grand Prix may be claimed by the participants, provided that none of the costumes were shown earlier at any other event.
    3. The applications that satisfy in paragraph 2.2. will participate in a separate selection.
    4. List of the applications that were selected will be disclosed after the closure of applications submission.
    5. All participants selected for Grand Prix will perform on Sunday (5 of September).
    6. Before the beginning of the cosplay show, on September 5, all the participants' costumes will be examined by the jury members. The costumes will be studied for the quality of the costume elements and similarity with the original character. Participants must be ready to answer any crafting-related questions from the jury.
    7. Participants who fail to preview the costume are deprived of the right for the Grand Prix.
    8. Participants of the competition who win the Grand Prix can not become winners in other nominations Cosplay-Defile. Example: Cosplayer A in the team (Group or Pair cosplay defile) wins the Grand Prix, he/she has a second application in the category «Single cosplay defile», according to the total number of points this application takes the second place. According to this point, cosplayer A will win the Grand Prix, and the title/prize for 2nd place in «Single Cosplay Defile» will be given to the next participant on the list. Only the victory in the Grand Prix will be mentioned.
    9. Participant has the right to withdraw from Grand Prix contest by specifying it in the corresponding part of the application.
    10. Applications that did not pass the selection to the Grand-Prix contest continue to participate in a regular nomination contest.
  3. Participation Rules:
    1. The number of participants in the applications must correspond to the following values:
      «Single Cosplay Defile» — 1 person
      «Pair Cosplay Defile» — 2 people
      «Group Cosplay Defile» — 3–14 people
    2. One team can specify only one assistant in the application. It is required to explain assistant’s importance in corresponding part of the application. Administrators have the right to reject an assistant without explaining the reasons. The assistant must not be a participant in the defile.
    3. The duration of performances should be strictly limited to the following values:
      «Single cosplay defile» — up to 1 minute
      «Pair cosplay defile» — up to 2 minutes
      «Group cosplay defile» — up to 5 minutes.
    4. To apply for the selection in Сosplay Show, it is required to send the following materials until 1 August 2021 (inclusive):
      1. Musical accompaniment. File requirements:
        - format — mp3;
        - bitrate — 192 kbps minimum (real bitrate estimation method is described in this instruction)
        - duration of the track must correspond to the performance duration.
      2. Collage with characters' images. Collage has to contain high-quality images that display character’s full costume, including craft items. Collage must be in the form of a square and be no less than 1000×1000 pixels by size (instructions for creation of required collage can be found here).
      3. Your photo in ready-made costumes (at least 80% ready). In photographs, not only the suit / craft / wig must be seen, but also participants themselves. Photos with an open face in full growth, facet, profile and rear view are needed. If cosplay requires a certain make-up/body-art, such photo must be also provided separately.
      4. Using video fragments during the presentation is not allowed.
      5. Defile scenario (a brief description of your actions on the stage).
  4. Jury and Judging Criteria:
    1. A jury is created to choose the winners in the Festival nominations and Grand Prix.
    2. Every member of the jury should be impartial and objective during the decision.
    3. All members of the jury have a right not to give any recensions or comment their decisions.
    4. K-Pop Cover Dance Show administrators coordinate the jury in any organizational questions.
    5. During the show, the jury ranks the performances on a scale of 1 to 10 using several criteria. One digit after the decimal point is allowed.
    6. The ranking criteria are the following:
      - Quality of the cosplay (the quality of the costume, stuff, weapons, etc., presence of the necessary accessories, details (laces, rivets, etc.), correspondence of the costume to the claimed image, hairstyle or wig (styling), decorations).
      - Performance (originality of the plot, its integrity, depth, logic) and its compositional structure (stage space usage, interesting scene accents, choice of angles, sound accompaniment).
    7. Cosplay that was neither shown earlier on any other event nor won any prizes is gettingthe advantage in case if two nominees have equal number of points.